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Geological framework of the Levant

Krasheninnikov, V. A., Hall, J. K., Hirsch, F., Benjamini, C. & Flexer, A. (Eds.) (2005) Geological framework of the Levant, Volume I: Cyprus and Syria. Historical Productions-Hall, Jerusalem, Israel, pp. 498 [ pdf (55.6 MB) ]. Includes:

  • Levant Vol. I CoverKrasheninnikov, V. A. & Silantyev, S. A. South-Western Cyprus: Introduction, p. 5-6.
  • Silantyev, S. A., Portnyagin, M. V., Bragin, N. Y., Kaleda, K. G., Krylov, K. A. & Bragina, L. G. The Troodos Ophiolite Complex (structural para-autochthon), p. 7-54.
  • Silantyev, S. A., Portnyagin, M. V., Basylev, B. A., Bragin, N. Y., Krylov, K. A. & Bragina, L. G. Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks of the Mamonia Complex (structural allochthon), p. 55-100.
  • Krasheninnikov, V. A. & Kaleda, K. G. Stratigraphy and lithology of the neoautochthon, p. 101-126.
  • Krylov, K. A., Kaleda, K. G. & Bragin, N. Y. Chaotic rock complexes in south-western and central Cyprus, p. 127-134.
  • Krylov, K. A., Silantyev, S. A. & Krasheninnikov, V. A. The tectonic structure and evolution of south-western Cyprus, p. 135-164.

Hall, J. K., Krasheninnikov, V. A., Hirsch, F., Benjamini, C. & Flexer, A. (Eds.) (2005) Geological framework of the Levant, Volume II: the Levantine Basin and Israel. Historical Productions-Hall, Jerusalem, Israel, pp. 826 [ pdf (107 MB) ]. Includes:

  • Levant Vol. II CoverHall, J. K. Part III – The Levantine Basin: Introduction, p. 1-20.
  • Klaeschen, D., Vidal, N., Kopf, A. J., von Huene, R. & Krasheninnikov, V. A. Reflection seismic processing and images of the eastern Mediterranean from Cruise 5 of the Research Vessel ‘Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov’, p. 21-40.
  • Vidal, N., Klaeschen, D., Kopf, A. J., von Huene, R. & Krasheninnikov, V. A. Seismic images from south-east of Cyprus to the Syrian coast, p. 41-56.
  • Kopf, A. J., Vidal, N., Klaeschen, D., von Huene, R. & Krasheninnikov, V. A. Multi-channel seismic profiles across Eratosthenes Seamount and the Florence Rise reflecting the incipient collision between Africa and Eurasia near the island of Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean, p. 57-72.
  • Zverev, S. M. & Ilinsky, D. A. The deep structure of Eratosthenes Seamount from seismic refraction data, p. 73-112.
  • Zverev, S. M. Peculiarities of sediments and basement structure in the frontal zone of the Cyprean Arc (based on seismic refraction data), p. 113-126.
  • Toulin, V. A. Gravity field of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea (south and west of Cyprus), p. 127-134.
  • Hall, J. K. Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of Cyprus: the island, its continental shelf, and the surrounding sea, p. 135-148.
  • Hall, J. K. Bathymetry and topography of the Syria-Lebanon continental margin, p. 149-180.
  • Loubrieu, B., Mascle, J., Chamot-Rooke, N., Foucher, J. P. & Woodside, J. A multibeam bathymetric map of the deep eastern Mediterranean Sea basin, p. 180-182.
  • Emelyanov, E. M., Shimkus, K. M. & Kuprin, P. N. Explanatory notes to the IBCM-SED map series: Unconsolidated sediments of the Mediterranean Sea (Scale 1:1,000,000) and the Black Sea (Scale 1:2,000,000), p. 183-214.
  • Rybakov, M. & Al-Zoubi, A. Bouguer gravity map of the Levant – a new compilation, p. 539-542.
  • Rybakov, M. & Segev, A. Depth to crystalline basement in the Middle East with emphasis on Israel and Jordan, p. 543-552.
  • Hall, J. K. & Neev, D. Whole mantle convection as the cause of the spiraling global system of lithospheric geosutures: with special attention to the Central Plate (between the Pelusium Line and the Lut Vortex), p. 579-686.
  • Rybakov, M., Gardosh, M. A. & Ben-Avraham, Z. New look at the region of Eratosthenes Seamount as revealed by gravity and magnetic data, p. 687-699.
  • Hall, J. K., Hirsch, F. & Krasheninnikov, V. A. Epilogue, p. 700-700.
  • Krasheninnikov, V. A., Hall, J. K., Bragin, N. Y., Klaeschen, D., Kopf, A. J., Silantyev, S. A., Vidal, N., von Huene, R. & Zverev, S. M. Parts I & III: from south-western Cyprus to Eratosthenes, p. 701-719.
  • Hall, J. K. Appendix A: Regional bibliographies on CD-ROM: Geology, geophysics, oceanology, and related subjects, p. 733-738.
  • Hall, J. K. Appendix B: The NES Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov and its eastern Mediterranean multi-beam swath sounding data on CD-ROM, p. 739-744.
  • Calvo, R. & Hall, J. K. Appendix E: Geo-referenced and mosaicked geological map sets of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon Israel, and Cyprus, p. 769-800.
  • Toulin, V. A. & Hall, J. K. Appendix F: RAS marine gravity data from the Levantine Basin, p. 801-806.
  • Hall, J. K. Appendix G: shaded relief images of the IBCM bathymetry and geological-geophysical overlays, p. 807-823.



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