Guidelines for submission

Thank you for considering submitting a citation to CYBAES! The thematology of CYBAES is relatively straightforward. However, grey areas do exist, e.g., aspects of zoology, ecology, forestry, natural construction materials, renewable energy sources etc. Don’t hesitate to submit a citation for verification. Attempts are made to be broadly inclusive and provide as many useful sources of information to earth scientists as possible.

CYBAES includes citations of the following source types:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Books and monographs
  • Reports
  • Edited books
  • Extended (multi-page) conference proceedings papers (submit as report chapter)
  • Theses and dissertations

CYBAES does not include citations of short conference abstracts at this point.

Citation submission forms

Please select the source type you would like to cite below and you will be led to an on-line submission form:

If multiple citations are to be submitted, please use the sign-up form and include the citations in the "Comments" field in simple text. Comments about special characters are appreciated.


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